flying a kite

Your Kite String

We are all tethered. We are all tied to people and places and jobs and – let’s admit it – things. These experiences keep us down (we tend to say when we’re resentful) or keep us anchored (when we feel more appreciative of them). But nevertheless, we have them. Our kite strings, the pulls and limits on our imaginations, independence and dreams – but they are the very reasons we soar.

The restraint of the string is the only reason we fly. We are all kites, soaring and dipping and stretching in the skies. . . because of our tethers. Without them, we’d be lost, yes? We’d be without roots, without memory, without foundations. And I find that these very fundamental pieces of myself are what ground me and remind me of who I am and what I believe.

Now, by all means, choose your kite well. If you must have stripes, make them vertical. Watch the placement of flower petals and never incorporate more than three colors or you’ll look dizzy in the sky and feel completely jumbled. Play with patterns, textures, fabrics and accessories, but keep the ribbing strong or you’ll lose yourself amidst the creativity.

And tend to your kite string. Find a strong handle, a thick anchor and reliable ties. Choose the right view for you: a beach, a park, a valley, maybe even your own backyard. Choose wisely and carefully and without input from others. For this is your kite, your view and your only chance to see what you need to.

The analogy can get out of hand, if it already hasn’t! But my point is – to you and myself – look up. Look up and live big and honor the situation, the kite string, in your life that tethers you. We can feel so put upon, right? So held back, held down, prevented, limited, kept, sequestered, disciplined that we see our tethers as only restraints. We resent the very things we prayed so hard for years ago! How fickle we (we meaning I) are. We forget that the first time we felt the air in our lungs and believed ourselves more alive in that moment than ever before it was because of yes – the kind of life we had created for ourselves but ALSO because of the kite string, the very pull on our individuality, that made it possible.

We fail to appreciate that without the grounding tension our strings provide, we would never actually leave the ground. That we need them to define our lives, to imbue meaning and magic and love into the very act of flying for which we so long.

So here’s to a year of looking ahead and hoping for better – but looking behind too and thanking the experiences that allow us to fly.

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