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Things Kids Say

We all know it. Kids say the best things. They’re trusting and innocent, not yet crippled by self-conscious decisions or appropriate behaviors. They see the world as it is, they say it as it is and they love with abandon. We asked our readers about their kids, their experiences of being stunned by these little creatures who surround us. This is a compilation of some of our favorites.

“No, Mommy, I didn’t do it. But I won’t do it again.” Pamela, age 3

After teaching my kids to say “excuse me” when they burped, one of them proudly says, “Ha! My bottom says ‘excuse me!'” Sean, 4

“We are good people. I just sometimes make bad choices.” Isla, 4

“Every time I see you, I love you.” Tommy, 6

“Do we have ancestors?” “Yes, we all have ancestors.” (Mom answering and then discussing ancestors.) “Oh, wow. I have a lot of ancestors, do I have any anbrothers?” Colin, 7

“Mommy, will you pick me up from college?” Parker, 3

I dropped Cooper’s juice last week and he looked at me and said, “What the f#*@ Mama?” Cooper, 3

When Chris was in first grade he asked us to start calling him George. “I want to be President some day and the Georges all seem to be winning, and Chris has never been President. And I want to win!” Chris, 6

“I love going for bike rides. They give me a chance to talk to myself and work on my accent.” Elizabeth, 9

“I’m hot, I’m tired and I’m sick of not being able to touch anything.” Stella, 6 (during spring 2020)

“I just need a break from people telling me ‘no’ all the time.” Mary Claire, 10

During bedtime prayers, “Dear Jesus, please help Darth Vader to be good.” Gabriel, 4

“When I grow up, I won’t be a superhero. They have all the time for the world, but no time for love.” Jacob, 7

You’ve got some good ones? Your kids today, or years ago. . . what have they said that’s made you laugh, made you believe in God, made you wish they’d never grow one inch taller or one day older?

XOXO Katie

P.S. We’re still talking about our imaginary friends and our need for physical affection (maybe from those imaginary friends?).

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