The Bronze Bow and Chalk

So, during our first day of this COVID-19 experience, we’ve finished two things: our big box of sidewalk chalk and the sweetest book, The Bronze Bow.

Let me express something. Everyone needs both of these items. They make life and families and people and driveways better.

We’ve read The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare a few times, but it’s one of those gems that’s just better with familiarity. I read it first with my big boys when they were little. It was one of those “you’ve got to read this now while they’re impressionable” suggestions. So naturally, I tried to impress them and we read it. And even they–my Harry Potter loving, Pokemon playing tikes–talked about it. My boys even asked. me. questions. about the story and characters. I know, as an English major, I about died with happiness that we were conversing on THEME and CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

See? It’s one of those golden sticker books.

Then, we’ve enjoyed it a few times (seriously, more than once) with Tommy as he’s grown old enough to listen.

And, I will freely admit, I’ve read it on my own, for my personal enjoyment, at least twice. And I’m not a boy. And I’m older than twelve. It’s just that good and the story is just that timeless. So do yourself a favor and enjoy it with your kids in the next few weeks. I’d love to hear what you (and they) think.

And sidewalk chalk. We happen to live in a great part of the country that feels like spring when it’s spring. So my kids are outside, in the sunshine, getting dusted all day by a bevy of faded chalk colors. And then the broken pieces we (meaning I) keep salvaging are being used as weapons. Hence, new chalk purchase. Will come in a handy bucket in a few days and help pass the weekend time. Outside. Away from Roblox. Get me?

(Featured Image by Foundry Co from Pixabay)

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