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That Supernatural Feeling of Answered Prayers

We all pray, in our own sorts of ways. We cover, in our walks, our quiet times, our waiting in lines, our night time rituals, the “basic 5” : Adoration (Worship), Petition, Intercession, Thanksgiving and Praise. I think it’s fair to say (and clearly I’m not a theologian of any degree) that most world religions incorporate and understand these different kinds of conversations with God. Within our own intimate prayer life, we (meaning I) find ourselves making a quick path from “thanks so much” and “You’re so amazing” and “this day is beautiful” to “Ok, now. What I really came here for was to talk to You about these things I need and my family needs. So now are You listening?” 🙂 And I’m not thinking today of what we should be doing better and how we should be approaching the Almighty with more gratitude and time and less check lists and tasks for Him to see to. I’m thinking today of the times when He seems to hear us, when His will and ours unite and He actually gives us what we’ve asked for. I’m talking about that sweet, overwhelming, validating supernatural feeling of answered prayers.

In your life, what have been your answered prayers? Go back carefully in your mind and remember the times you asked for something and received it. And I’m not referencing Garth Brooks in this moment – I’m not being philosophical and imaginative when I think of “unanswered” as “answered.” I’m remembering those conversations when I begged God for something, when I felt my heart meet with His (if I may be so bold) and knew He had heard my cry and would give me, in His great goodness and mercy, what I wanted.

In my particular faith, we talk a lot about angels. And I love them. So do my kids. I love believing in them and thinking of them as my friends, my companions, my guides, my allies! And when I am praying in a deep, meditative, intimate way – I feel them. Is that weird? I know they are with me, supplicating God as I do, helping my heartfelt, sincere, deeply broken and imperfect request sound like song to Him. Do you have this experience? Oh, Lord, please tell me you do!

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supernatural feeling of answered prayers
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It’s interesting – when I remember these times in my life I’ve experienced that supernatural feeling of answered prayers, I think first of the feeling of that deep conversation with God. I can’t remember initially what I was asking for – but I know very well how it felt when I asked. It feels cozy, familiar, and very faith-full. It feels trusting, peaceful and still. Do you know the feeling? I have a few all-time favorite Answered Prayers.

My acceptance to Notre Dame.

Meeting Steve.

Having children – each of my two pregnancies has its own miraculous (in my faith-filled opinion) answered prayer story that I will never forget or get used to.

I have several others, but though I like to share my private thoughts and experiences with this blog, some things are just too sacred and tender to expose. I’m sure you very much understand. 💜

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Feeling that we’ve been heard, seen, loved, understood – it’s the best, isn’t it? And because we are finite creatures who need reassurance and reminding – all the time – that we are seen and loved and treasured, the validation, it seems, that comes from God on the special occasions of a Yes! are so special, so memorable, they are like little gifts from a loved one who’s passed. We can look at them, hold them, remind ourselves that this person knew us, loved us, wanted us to feel important and valued. And then we realize that it isn’t just a loved one these Answered Prayers come from – it’s God Himself. And He wants us to feel seen, loved, treasured, most special above all others!

And that, my friends, is the humbling reality of the supernatural feeling of answered prayers. And I love it. And would love to know your answered prayers, your times of great connection and synchronicity with the God Almighty. If you have any you don’t mind sharing with the little cosmos that is this blog, I’d be so happy and honored to read them.

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