Spa Day at Home

By “spa day,” I mean “spa 20 minutes.” Seriously. I’m not trying to be witty or funny or sarcastic. I’m trying to be reasonable. Twenty minutes alone. That, right now, constitutes a whole day. And you can’t include any time you’re hiding on the toilet. That’s not a spa. That’s a trick. When you lock yourself in your bathroom and begin the Spa Day, you only need to remember five things to incorporate: Five Senses. It’s what fancy spas do (so I’m told), and it will involve more than just a cuticle soak. Here we go, the five steps for a Spa Day at Home.

spa day at home
pretty nails

Gather these seven simple things:

Sight: Pretty nail polish. Preferably a color you haven’t used in awhile and that works on all twenty nails. Or just clean and clear, which is never a bad idea.

Sound: Phone. On airplane mode, playing calm, nice music. Preferably no lyrics. Look for “soothing” or “focus” or “classical.”

Smell: Epsom salts, essential oils (if you have them, if you don’t, no biggie) and a candle.

Taste: Big, cold glass of water. Sliced citrus in it takes it up a notch. A sprig of mint or lavender . . . also perfect.

Touch: Some kind of face mask. Can be coconut oil, egg whites, Beautycounter balm (highly recommend), True Botanicals resurfacing creme or anything that says “will make you forget reality for 3 minutes mask.”

spa day at home
soaking in the bathtub

Then, lock yourself in your bathroom. For me, I have to lock the bedroom door AND the bathroom. Double security.

The epson salts will dissolve in the hot bath, and the few drops of essential oil (I recommend lavender or mint or eucalyptus, but whatever floats your boat, go for it.) will really make a difference. While in the tub, use your face mask. And then, hardest part for me, close. your. eyes. And just Be, don’t Do.

Think of your life, your family, your gratitude for everything you have and everything you don’t. Be dramatic, if you need to. You have a roof, technology, an education, time to think, warm food, clean water and people who love you.

And just as importantly, maybe more so, think about what you don’t have.

What would you say you don’t have in your life, that you’re thankful for: the corona virus? Loneliness? Insecurity? Boredom, a shrinking waistline (not being funny here; people who have starved in our world’s history would have loved our expanding tummy problems), anger, lack of humor?

Count your blessings, smile and soak.

Then, peel yourself out of the lukewarm water, towel off your pruny skin and paint your nails. Feel pretty, feel pampered, feel relaxed (can you tell I have to do this all the time, the self talk screaming at me: YOU NEED TO RELAX, LOWER YOUR SHOULDERS FROM YOUR EARS AND TAKE A DAMN BREATH, KATIE.) I know from intimate and frequent experience, letting yourself relax and actually breathe takes a lot of practice.

spa day at home
sitting on porch

Would this little How To work for you? Would it help?

Many blessings, friends, and all my best to your relaxing and secret spa “day.”

🙂 Katie

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