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We’ve been very lucky these past few days to have Steve home with us a bit. As a trauma physician, he’s been involved with COVID-19 for our hospital system here in Boise, and will return tomorrow for a week of days’ planning meetings and nights of operating. I couldn’t imagine anything he’d rather do with us than paint his very own coffee mug. Right?

It’s such an easy and cheap little project, and the kids loved doing it. As long as you don’t compare your work to the Fine Motor Skill Master at the head of the table, you feel pretty much like Michelangelo + Martha.

Everyone painted their mugs (some faster than others) and then, after they had dried, I painted over all the mugs with the Modge Podge formula that is fantastic and unbelievable. It makes acrylic, sharpie markers, decals, ceramic, glassware, what. ever. : dishwasher safe. Yes, please. And years ago, for a Halloween craft, I was introduced to the marvels of Martha Stewart paint. They are thick, intense, legit. So I’ve collected two shoe boxes full of these perfect little paints, and we use them all the time. Plus, they come in darling names like Duckling and Pacific Iris and Hummingbird. So yeah, these become a need, not a want. 🙂

Then. You stick them in the oven, cold. Turn it on to 300 degrees, and start your timer for 30 minutes. Turn the oven off when the timer goes off, and let it all cool back down together. Then it’s “cured” and safe to use for drinking!

It was fun and whimsical and took our minds off the POTUS address on tv and the continued school closing for the kiddos. It was simple and happy and easy. If you do this too, please comment with your DIY creations. Cereal bowls? Plates? Glasses?

Much love and stay safe–Katie

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