saying goodbye

Saying Goodbye

We are leaving Boise. We have only lived here for one year (well maybe just over a year by a month or two). But it’s not been long. Not long enough to put in roots, establish patterns, work out kinks. And with COVID stealing the show for half of these twelve-ish months, our memories and experiences have been different from any other year. Like everyone else’s. However. We are saying goodbye to a place that, against many many odds, was happy and magical and very good to us. And in this farewell, I realize how many people we will miss and how many blessings have been dumped on my children, my family. And I am so grateful, so humbled, so incredibly touched by our friends who have “changed us for good.”

So much of me
Is made of what I learned from you
You’ll be with me
Like a handprint on my heart
And now whatever way our stories end
I know you have re-written mine
By being my friend
Like a ship blown from its mooring
By a wind off the sea
Like a seed dropped by a skybird
In a distant wood
Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better?
But because I knew you
I have been changed for good.

Ellie was fortunate enough to be cast in Boise Little Theatre‘s musical production of Annie in the fall of 2019. The world this one production opened up for us was staggering. Natashia. Cheryl. Christine. Jillian. Chelsea. JeNeale. Courtney. So many of you made a. real. difference., had a life long affect on Ellie – and all for good. Tommy had his first crush (one I’ll never forget :)), and we loved you all – your creativity, your humor and your infectious lease on life. You became my friends, too, and I remain amazed that such generous, talented and wonderful people would be so welcoming and unabashed in their affections and attentions. Thank you.

Our school community made us laugh, love and believe in little miracles. Chuck. Kaitlyn. Janelle. Bailey. Rebecca. Bethany. Trina. Andrea. Jessica. Nicole. Kate. Aimee. You loved my children, you embraced my family, you made us feel we had known you forever. And this was an enormous relief and blessing for me! Ellie, Tommy and Liv had been at the same school for all their years until August 2019. I was profoundly nervous and anxious about them adjusting to a new system, new hallways, new faces only weeks after arriving in Idaho. But had I known you existed, I would have rejoiced in our luck! I was humbled and so moved by your happiness, your dedication and your friendly spirits, often I would return home in tears. Thank you LORD for these people who have made us feel like we belong!

Kristy. Megan. Carolyn. Amy. Sonia. Calley. Brittany. Stefanie. Kimberly. Joel. Laura and Brandon. McKenna. John. Renee. Jen. Mr. Don. My friends from life, from just living and being here. From the grocery store, church, neighborhood, playground, Freak Alley, kids’ friends’ parents, downtown and all the places in between: thank you. Thank you for being angels sent from heaven to love us, to see us, to care for us. You will forever be a magical part of my life, and I am grateful to you. Thinking of you makes me smile, makes me cry. How lucky we are to have known and loved you!

friends sitting on the beach looking out onto the ocean

I thank God for you, and I thank Him for our time in Idaho. Please be assured and rest in the peace that you – all of you – are amazing humans who made our lives, my life, brighter, happier and better.

And to quote my all time favorite movie ever:

There’s a sad sort of clanging from the clock in the hall
And the bells in the steeple too
And up in the nursery an absurd little bird
Is popping out to say “cuckoo”
Cuckoo, cuckoo

Regretfully they tell us
But firmly they compel us
To say goodbye
To you

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night
I hate to go and leave this pretty sight. . .

The sun has gone to bed and so must I
So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye


XOXO Katie

11 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye”

  1. Oh, JeNeale….I agree! So happy you feel the same. 🙂 I wish you all the happiness and joy you deserve. So excited for your next chapter!

  2. JeNeale Gunnell

    It feels like we just got started on the journey to a long and meaningful friendship. Let’s not let that go! And I love your Ellie so much! Safe travels, my friend, and may life treat you gently and with love.

  3. Bailey Vitali

    I got so blessed getting to be Tom and Liv’s firstie teacher!!! I have missed y’all since I left Boise, and I’ll miss you even more knowing that you’re skippin’ town, too! Sending love and prayers for your sweet family as you continue your search for your forever home. <3

  4. Kristy Mitchell

    Wow Katie Gale you sure are something special. Tears so early in the morning is an interesting experience for me. Just as much as we all blessed your life, you and beautiful family have blessed all of ours too! Sweet little Ellie and Briar were meant to be from the moment you guys heard her name to be transferring to her class! You all are heavenly angels and we are so blessed and grateful you came into our lives. Just super bummed covid stole so much time from us! We love you and will se you again! Have fun, be well! We love you! Happy birthday Ellie❤️

    1. So much that was meant to be, huh? Thank you for all the laughs, the support, the hugs. I can’t imagine making it this last year without you, my friend!

  5. Calley Anne

    😢😢😭 I was good until you quoted one of my favorite movies. The Treasure Valley and the school were blessed to have you here, if just for one year. I adore your kids and can’t imagine not seeing them around. Ellie has a personality that is so precious. She’s going to be a start in everything she does. The twins have grown so much in such a short time. I love your spirit and wish I had more time to get to know you. 🥰 You are AMAZING. Until we speak again!

    1. I wish we’d had more time, too! Oh Lord, the wishes I have. Thank you for being one of the very first people we met – thank God for VBS!

  6. Well, I’m crying a little (a little like a lot!).
    We love you, and we look forward to FaceTime dates and visits. You have blessed us with laughter, friendship, and joy. We are SO thankful for you, and we’ll think of you every time we get a buggy at the grocery store. Xoxo

  7. Courtney Ransom

    You enriched my life, too. Your sweet girl is such a talented kiddo. I am so thrilled that I got the chance to work with her and to meet you, too. I’m only sorry we didn’t get to have our wine date and gabfest before you left. 🙂 Happy trails to you and your sweet family. I hope that you have the most wonderful of journeys. You all deserve it. I’m glad we can stay in touch through Facebook. I am sending you off with a giant virtual hug. Take care, and be well. Love, Courtney

    1. Oh, Ms. Hannigan. Where do I start? You are a delight, and the videos I have of you and Ellie are priceless. “Well, you must be very sick!” lol! You made it all fantastic, and I send you an even bigger hug back. Thank you for EVERYTHING!

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