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No matter what.

No matter what. Through a long time friend of mine, I met a sweet child years ago named Izzy. Well, truth be told, I haven’t literally met her, but I feel as though I have. She has been fighting cancer since she was 3, and though there is no known cure for her particular disease, she is the brightest light, a “super crazy ultraviolet light” (as my friend Ellie says) – and her love, joy, faith, perseverance and humor are palpable.

Recently, Izzy’s mother recalled an evening prayer they always say. Like, I think every night, no matter the hospital, bedroom, hotel or ICU. (I’m in awe of the consistency and dedication, if that’s not obvious.) The prayer ends with “Lord, we ask you to continue to bring healing to her body and fill her with LIFE.” But little Izzy, thinking she was repeating the prayer with her mother, would instead say:

“Lord, we trust you no matter what.”

Oh. Yes. Out of the mouths of babes, let the little children come to me. You must be like these to enter the kingdom!

No matter what. No matter the healing, no matter my life, no matter my happiness, my peace, my comfort, my rightness or justice or wokeness or pride or position. (Not that the sweet 6 year old Izzy processed this all, of course, but I’m trying to.)

no matter what

I don’t think I often end my prayers, my hopes thrown out into the universe, with a simple “no matter what.” What abandonment! What faith! What simplicity and beauty this prayer provides. I’m a big fan of caveats and asterisks and conditional requests. They provide a sense of control and independence, right? A feeling of “I’ve got this handled AS LONG AS the following stipulations happen and the other three don’t.” But to just look inside of you where the Kingdom of God lives and breathes and whisper in harmony with all that is good and eternal:

“I trust you no matter what.”

This is my 2021 motto. It’s another year that needs people to have backbones as strong as their faith, brains as sharp as their tongues. I don’t know what is to come, what the next few weeks or months will look like and how they will affect our children, our families, our schools and our futures. But Lord, let me say, if I ever get a tattoo, this will be it! lol. I trust you no matter what.S

So as Izzy’s mom ends every post, every prayer of desperation or hope or thanksgiving:

“Blessings on you today and LIFE for Izzy.”

If you would like to follow this wonderfully faithful and happy family on their journey, offer support, prayers, words of encouragement, etc – please see their story here.

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