Settling IN, not settling FOR.

There’s a difference, isn’t there? Between settling in for something. Getting cozy, getting familiar with it. Settling in to a new job, a long run, a strong marriage, a first apartment. It takes time, it takes practice, it takes learning from mistakes and it takes dedication and desire to make it work, to make it good.

Photo courtesy of Tracksmith (best running gear out there, BTW).

But settling for. No, no. That’s not the same. That’s giving in, giving up and backing down. That’s letting someone else be the leading lady of YOUR life, and that’s not acceptable.

Please. That’s not a thing. It’s your life, and you’re the leading lady (or man, if you read lifestyle blogs whose target audiences are women/mothers!). So be leading. Not settling.

The world is full of excuses. Not a good time. Not the right time. Not the right person. Or place. Or message. Or delivery.

Eff that.

Be a hero. For yourself. Not for your kids, not for your spouse, not for your job. But for that inner soul that never gets repeated in the history of Time. Never. Be a hero for you.

No exceptions. No excuses.

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