Mister Rogers’ Favorite Books

There are a lot of things about Mister Rogers I love. There are a lot of memories of my brother and me watching his show and reveling in his sweet characters: Mr. McFeely “the Speedy Delivery Man,” Queen Sara Saturday, Prince Tuesday and Donkey Hodie, among many.

His show was not a “kiddie show,” as he thought that term insulting and degrading to the intelligence and sensitivity of children. It was a program for children, for their emotions and thoughts and fears and confusions. Their inner world that got so lost and overlooked. Imagine what he’d think today!

John Beale/Focus Features
Fred Rogers and François Clemmons in an episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, 1993

But I digress, as usual. (Steve calls it “plummeting down a rabbit hole,” but whatever.) His books, his favorite books. He received a letter asking for them, and in 1991 he typed and returned to the sender a special list (with books of the Bible counted as different numbers :)) of his top ten.

And it made me think, while I was reading his top ten, a) which of them do I know? Which of them have I even read? And then b) what’s my top ten list, if I may so bold as to think it matters. lol. What about my top three? You, what is your number one favorite book (or two, because if you’re like me, you won’t be able to choose just one)?

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  1. I just watched the Mr. Rogers’ movie and loved it! He was such a compassionate, kind, and disciplined individual. So, based on his list, I agree that the Bible ranks number one. My favorite books to read to my children are “Black Beauty” and “Call of the Wild.” “ A same kind of different as me” brought me to tears but deepened my faith. Thanks for posting his list of favorite books.

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