Be an All Weather Friend

We all have them. We’ve all been them–those fair weather friends. Those people who only show up with the going’s good, when the times are easy, when it’s convenient. Convenience has become the ultimate measuring stick, hasn’t it? If it’s inconvenient, if it takes “too much” energy, “too much” time, “too much” money, it obviously isn’t worth it. When did we become so bad at this? When did relationships become commodities, rather than treasures? When did we become transactional with other HUMAN BEINGS?

Because of COVID-19 and its effects, a rise in suicides is expected. The healthcare industry is preparing for it. People are suffering, they are NOT doing well, they are NOT ok.

There is already a documented rise in child abuse. Children are the victims of stress and anxiety and, frankly, boredom. If you are a foster parent, bless your soul. If you know of one, check on them. Drop off a dinner. Text. Facetime. Do it now.

I say this to myself as well as to you, so please know this isn’t a lecture, for I do not come from a place of superiority. I’m only concerned, just like you.

If you know of someone struggling–they’ve lost their job, they’re in an unhappy marriage, their small business is crumbling, they live alone, or they don’t live alone and they’re feeling trapped–call her. Call him. Send a stupid gif. Don’t say “hey, are you ok?” because you already know the answer. Be a good human and stop being entitled or distracted or consumed with busy-ness. Just do the right thing.

Be a good friend. Be a good son. Be a good mom. Stop thinking of “what am I going to get out this” or “well, she did this and this and THIS to me last year and never apologized…so I hope she’s fine, but I’m too busy to worry about her right now.” Stop wondering if it’s the right time, if you’ll offend, if you’ll be misunderstood or refused. Just reach out your virtual arm and give someone a hug. Give lots of people hugs. At a time when touch starvation and touch deprivation are governmental mandates (and I’m not arguing with hygiene), now more than ever we need to be intentional with being an all weather friend.

Start thinking “how can I help her feel not invisible but seen?”

Are we hoarding our paper towels, along with our gifts? Are we hiding behind comfort and fear, when really, we should love and talk? What can we do better, how can we be better?

Peace, friends.

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