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Amazing Human – Meghan Perry

We are all trying to do it – wear all the hats, all the time, without any falling off or getting trampled or, well, just plain forgotten. I have a friend who is trying, too. She is a force to be reckoned with, someone makes it all happen under her roof, but with a grace, a dignity and an amazing ability to succeed. Her self-deprecating humor and honesty is contagious, genuine and very attractive, for though she manages to be amazing, she’s humble and very authentic about Life. Meet our Amazing Human – Meghan McCaffery Perry. You’re going to love her.

Meghan is married to Trey, and together they have two adorable children – Jackson and Cooper. In addition to being a full time wife and mom, she’s been a financial planner for a decade, trying to navigate this latest financial landscape (can you imagine?) with deftness and agility. Meghan is an excellent cook and, can I just say, a really, really nice person.

Meghan Perry is a stay at home mom, financial planner and great cook. Here she is with her son Jackson, playing outside their Boise home.

You’re hard pressed to find pictures of Meghan without Jackson and Cooper. She’s accomplished, responsible, very much her own person with her own identity – but I’ll be damned if you can associate her with anyone more than her kiddos. It’s so telling about someone, isn’t it? She’s attached to them, and her identity with them, in a very charming way.

In fact, when I asked Meghan about her most pivotal turning point in life, she said,

“[It] was becoming a mama.  Before Trey and I had our sweet little boys, I was 100% career focused.  And I never thought anything would change that.  But as soon as I held Jackson for the first time, my world completely shifted – and with it my priorities completely changed.  Being a mama and caring for Jackson and Cooper and shaping them into incredible humans is the most important job I have.  And I absolutely love it.”

 Right? So true, and yet so honest. And so hard.

I think most people who successfully play multiples roles in life will attest their effectiveness to intentionality and focus. There’s nothing like a very busy, scattered, cluttered brain that actually gets nothing accomplished but leaves a wake of mess behind it. Meghan, like those successful people, plans and organizes and follows through. Every day, all the time.

“Like most families, we are incredibly busy.  I have a giant master calendar that is color coordinated so I can keep track of everything – meetings, work events, school, activities, sports, meals – I would be so lost without it!  Every day is carefully planned so I can fully concentrate on one thing at a time.  If I am working, my focus is 100% with my job and my clients.  If I am spending time with my family, my focus is 100% on my husband and boys – I don’t have my computer out and I am not scrolling through my phone (literally my biggest pet peeve).

The Perry family with Trey, Meghan, Jackson and Cooper. Meghan is an amazing human because she does so much, every day.

I bet many of us, like Meghan, gather our strength from wonderful people and remarkable experiences. Behind all of her abilities to juggle and manage and stay positive is Meghan’s inspiration, and this one is good. She says,

“I get inspiration from so many people – my husband, my kids, my mom, my twin brother. But during the most challenging moments, I get my inspiration from my late father. Life can be hard, and at times, feel impossible – moments where you are stretched so thin and you can’t possibly do or give any more than you’re already doing and giving. You know what I am talking about…those evenings where the kids are screaming, dogs are barking, dinner is burning, laundry is piling up, house is a mess, huge work deadlines are looming. . . I am literally about to lose it, and then I remember my amazing father and the incredible words he once told me. “When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel. Find something to center you – God, meditation, exercise, a deep cleansing breath – and once you find it, keep going.‘”

Meghan and her mom, on her wedding day.

She has experienced very unique challenges during the COVID crisis. As a financial planner, she has had to advise, problem solve, trouble shoot, anticipate and handle all kinds of unexpecteds. Days have been very long, clients have been confused, kids have been irritated and the house has been messy. Yet, Meghan approaches them all with a mature and level head, inspiring ME to keep life in perspective and my blessings in focus.

Meghan said that among her many highs, lows and uenxpecteds over the past 12 months, the time at home, the slower time with her kids, was an unexpected that became her ultimate high.

“But, as unexpected as [COVID] was, it was also a wonderful time for our family. Even though all of Jackson’s schoolwork wasn’t getting done, and I was constantly behind at my job, we were together. We weren’t racing from one activity to the other. We weren’t rushing through evening baths and prayers so we could get to bed on time. We slowed down. We were present. We were outside. And it was amazing. So as tragic as COVID was for so many, it was also our high. It forced us to slow down and realize what was really important.

And isn’t this what we’re all about, anyway? What being amazing is – finding the high in the everyday, choosing the joy, focusing on the good? I think so. It’s not that Meghan is Pollyanna and believes life is rosy. Quite the opposite. But it’s her strength and humility that make Meghan so like-able, so real, so amazing. She’s just doing her best, as often as she can, in whatever form “best” looks like that day, or in that moment. I think that’s a great way to live, an admirable way to be. Bravo, Meghan! You’re amazing.

This jambalaya recipe is a favorite go-to dish for Meghan. It’s delish (of course), so save it and use as often as possible. Maybe every day? 🙂

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